18. 09. 2007

Sociologický výskum antisemitizmu na Slovensku po roku 1989 v kritickej perspektíve

autor: Michal Vašečka

publikované:  Sociológia 2006, Vol. 38 (No. 4: 283-312)


Sociological Research of Antisemitism in Slovakia after 1989 in a Critical Perspective. Article critically analyses approaches that Slovak sociologists have been using in their analysis of antisemitism in Slovakia after 1989. The article describes quantitative methods used by Slovak sociologists and suggests need of a complex approach to research of antisemitism. Author argues that modern antisemitism is de-judaized, while Slovak researchers focus more on a research of prejudices and stereotypes toward Jews.

Sociológia 2006, Vol. 38 (No. 4: 283-312)

Key words: Antisemitism; qualitative and quantitative research; research methods; social distance; public opinion; de-judaized perspective; socio-psychological factors; critical analysis.

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