On the basis of recommendation of independent experts of the Government Council of Human Rights, the Minister of Justice has warded CVEK with the Prize for Notable Contribution in the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights on December 14, 2015.

Elena Gallová Kriglerová and Jarmila Lajčáková used this opportunity and express their thanks other organizations that significantly contributed to creating Slovakia where everyone can feel well and respected. Iniciatíva Inakosť – LGBT Slovakia for their defense of values of equality and dignity in the context of 2015 referendum that heavily attacked on these values. EDU Roma for their patience and expertise in assisting the School in Sarisske Michalany in desegregation. In addition, they thanked to EDU Roma for helping the State School Inspection preparing guidelines to identify practices of segregation. Pro Choice for altering to the most widespread practice of violation of human rights of women in Slovakia through their campaign for ratification of Istanbul Convention. To the Supreme Court’s senate for their ruling in case of 10year old Ela  declaring that each child has right to be included as an equal member in the local school. Finally, to the Human Rights League, People in Peril, Slovak Catholic Charity, initiators of the Plea for Dignity and numerous volunteers demonstrating that Slovakia is based on respect for human rights not threats and xenophobia.

Photo from the event here.

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