15. 12. 2015

You also have a chance!

Program to support Roma applicants for the University of Economics in Bratislava

Implementation period: academic year 2015/2016 

CVEK in partnership with the University of Economics accept applications to the program You also have a chance! for school year 2015/2016. The aim of the program is to provide equal opportunities for Romani applications in accessing quality university education of economics.

This first university affirmative action program in Slovakia shall contribute to addressing major educational gaps between Romani and non-Romani population.

Deadline for submitting application is December 20, 2015. You can download application here.

More information is available here. Please feel free to contact us at +4212 54630677 or at

We are grateful to the ESET Foundation that will be supporting our program in the school year 2016/2017. 



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