The project consists of comparison and exchange of integration practices between regional administrations and research centres throughout Europe. The objective is to develop a common methodology of analysis and bench-marking of integration practices while taking into account the European Modules on Integration of Migrants, notably language courses and access to services. The project seeks to support the implementation of policies promoting integration in a bottom-up fashion.


More specifically, the objective is to:

  1. Assess whether and to what extent European Modules on Integration of Migrants are taken into consideration while implementing policies/practices of language learning and access to services;
  1. Develop a common methodology for the analysis and bench-marking of practices stemming from the European Modules;
  1. Check how practices on language teaching and access to services meet the guidelines expounded in the European Modules;
  1. Launch an exchange of knowledge on integration practices undertaken locally in considered areas;
  1. Collect relevant information to be displayed on a website dedicated to the definition of indicators, the monitoring and exchange of good practices.


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