As part of a continuous cooperation with the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) CVEK conducts a research aimed at rights of LGBT people in Slovakia.

The main purpose of this research is to collect data that can contribute to understanding of how national (public) law and policy aimed at protecting, promoting and fulfilling the fundamental rights of LGBT persons is applied on the ground and how it could be further developed  in  a  sustainable  way. As part of the research a series of qualitative semi-structured interviews will be held with public authorities, which have a decision-making competence, and professionals (health care providers, teachers, headmasters, police chiefs, police staff) having hands-on experiences and views on the  practical functioning of LGBT policies.  Interviews will also focus on their views and experiences on initiatives that have been set up outside of a larger national framework (pilot projects, third sector cooperation, etc.).

This project is complementary to a quantitative on-line survey measuring the extent of discrimination, victimisation and hate crime as experienced by LGBT persons . The outcomes of both researches will allow identifying future priorities and possibilities of improvement of social policies and initiatives in the  area of rights of LGBT people.


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