Campaign All Different – All Equal is being run in different European countries and is based on three pillars: diversity, human rights and participation. Within its priority issues in Slovakia are: increase of interest of youth organizations and non-organized youth, observation of human rights, active citizenship and youth participation.

Research within this campaign aimed to bring knowledge and opinion of young people at the age of 14-26 about three main areas:

a) Diversity and Disadvantages – perception of different cultures, tolerance toward the members of different cultures, opinions on discrimination of disadvantaged people, interethnic and intercultural relations of youth

b) Human Rights – knowledge about human rights, attitudes toward education on human rights in Slovakia

c) Civic participation of young people

Outputs from the project contain very interesting findings, which could be very useful not only for further research in this area, but for the more complex and efficient work with young people. One of the partial aims of the project was to provide recommendations for young people oriented public policy, which would take into consideration attitudes and needs of youth.


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