The monitoring project on Equal Access to Quality Education for Roma was established in 2005. It was carried out in co-operation with the ESP (Education Support program) and RPP (Roma Participation Program) of the Open Society Institute.

The monitoring followed up on previous EUMAP reports on Roma in eight Central and Eastern European countries (2001-2002) and followed-up reports on individual issues like the local implementation of the Romanian Government Strategy for the Improvement of the Condition of Roma (2004) and the situation of Sinti and Roma women and girls in Germany (2004).

The monitoring of Equal access to quality education for Roma incorporated four main goals:

1. To assess the implementation of government education policies for Roma

2. To provide data on key education indicators

3. To promote consultation with Roma communities on education issues

4. To establish a framework for regular monitoring throughout the Decade of Roma Inclusion


The final report is available here.

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