The Radicalisation Prevention Mechanism is the result of the work of experts from the Centre for Research on Ethnicity and Culture, other experts from various institutions working on the prevention of radicalisation of young people at the local level, and active young people who have been involved in its development.

The reason why we decided to create this document is our desire to help local actors to deal with the increasing social tensions that affect young people in particular. We believe that the best way to deal with radicalisation is to implement the most effective prevention and support activities for young people that respond to their needs and prevent them from resorting to hate speech and extremism. At the same time, if the first signs start to emerge that young people are becoming radicalised, it is necessary to have effective mechanisms in place to respond to this situation.

The mechanism should serve all actors at local level, i.e. municipalities, schools, police, NGOs, youth clubs, counselling facilities and others who see the urgency of the problem of radicalisation of young people, perceive the need to address it, but have not yet found a way to act.



The mechanism for prevention of radicalisation of young people at the local level was created as part of the project ‚Mechanism for prevention of radicalisation and extremism-police and youth together‘, which is supported by the ACF-Slovakia programme, funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021. The administrator of the programme is the Ekopolis Foundation in partnership with the Open Society Foundation Bratislava and the Karpatská nadácia (Carpathian Foundation).

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