The objective of the project was to provide the press with relevant feedback on the manner and extent of their communication about national and ethnic minorities and immigrants.

The research encompasses Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia; it lasted for one month and researchers monitored three different daily newspapers, two weeklies, one country paper, three internet news portals, and the evening news and a magazine program of a TV channel every day. In Slovakia, media monitoring was realized in November 2006 and focused on several types of Slovak media:

a) Dailies: Sme, Pravda, Nový čas, Prešovský Korzár

b) Weekly: Plus 7 dní

c) TV channels: Markíza (TV News and daily magazine Reflex)

d) Websites: Atlas, AktualneAktuality

Researchers in each country have published a country reports that describes situation of media coverage of migrant and minority issues. Slovak report pointed out on how Slovak media produce and reproduce stereotypes and prejudices against ethnic and national minorities and migrants and on how strongly they contribute to creation of negative perception of migrants and minorities in Slovakia.

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