Racism and Xenophobia European Information Network (RAXEN) was established by European Monitoring Center of Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC). The main objective of EUMC is to offer broad audience in the EU-25 objective, reliable and comparable data on issues of racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism in the territory of member states and to contribute to formulation of effective measures designed to fight racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism.

RAXEN Network consists of 25 national groups, one group operating in each member state. National groups are partners of EUMC providing needed information and data on national level. Center for Research of Ethnicity and Culture together with People Against Racism form national group for Slovakia. Particular national groups carry out different tasks specified by EUMC, collect information and statistical data about various activities in the area of fight against racism and xenophobia, work out general (general situation in the country) as well as specific reports (employment, education, housing, etc.)

Outputs in 2006:

1. Thematic study: “Combating Ethnic and Racial Discrimination and promoting Equality: Trends and developments 2000 – 2005

2. National Data Collection Report aimed at five main areas of discrimination (legislation, education, housing, employment, racial violence)

3. RAXEN Infosheets: Statistical data on migrants, foreigners and members of ethnic and national minorities in Slovakia

4. Database of organizations, their activities and publications dealing with discrimination, racism and xenophobia. Annual report on situation in the area of racism and xenophobia in the Slovak Republic and further information material mapping respective area in 2006.

5. RAXEN Bulletin: Bi-monthly newsletter on crucial news in racism and discrimination in Slovakia.

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