The aim of the project has been to analyze legislative and socio-economic aspects of the transition into the digital terrestrial TV broadcasting, to collect data necessary for assessing effective communication strategy and to propose steps of switching off the analog TV broadcasting. The project has been of the great importance since the whole process of transition into the digital terrestrial TV broadcasting is necessary to speed up, but at the same to time to analyze socio-economic aspects of this process, to collect data for proper assessment of the effective communication strategy and of the switching off processes.

CVEK has been therefore researching socio-economic aspects that can influence speed and costs of the transition processes into DVB-T (economic potential of households, attitudes toward new technologies, behavior of viewers, potential development of a „TV behavior“, ability and readiness to accept new technologies, etc.). Well-prepared and effective communication campaign is important part of the process of transition into DVB-T. Specialized portal has been launched in December 2006 as well to bring information to all involved groups.


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