CVEK is an independent non-governmental organisation that strives to contribute to building a more just and cohesive society through research, analytical and educational activities. The Centre was founded in 2005 and is based in Bratislava. Our common mission is to make a systematic effort aimed at creating an environment in which every person has every right to feel like a valuable and respected human being. Our work is rooted in defending fundamental human rights principles such as respecting dignity of every person and promoting diversity of society.

The activities of CVEK focus particularly on ethnic, language and religious minorities. We specialise in promoting inclusion of marginalised population groups, be it the Roma, migrants or other minorities. Thematically, we place emphasis especially on education, housing, social status, interethnic relations and political participation.

Our activities may be divided into three basic pillars: research, advocacy and education.


We have gathered ample research experience and specialise mostly in qualitative research. We explore the situation of individuals and population groups that are unable to participate fully in society’s everyday life and examine various public policies and practical measures that are likely to affect their lives. We also analyse the public opinion and the political discourse as we are keen on bringing down the barriers that hinder development of a truly inclusive society. At the same time, our surveys give voice to marginalised population groups and communicate their needs to the powers that be.


The findings from our surveys are subsequently used to analyse public policies and formulate recommendations for policy-makers. Through releasing expert publications and media outputs, commenting on proposed or adopted legislation and taking part in various task forces we strive to advocate the measures that respect human rights and eliminate social disparities.


We are well aware that criticism alone is not enough, which is why most of our projects focus on developing cooperation with decision-makers in practical implementation of public policies. We cooperate with municipal authorities, central state administration bodies, schools and other public institutions, preparing educational activities, providing consultation and supplying inside information to them.

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