In 2022, after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, an unprecedented situation arose when more than 100 000 people received temporary protection in Slovakia. In order for Slovakia to respond effectively to this situation and to ensure adequate conditions in the medium and long term for children and their families from Ukraine who remain in Slovakia, it is important that key actors have reliable policy tools at their disposal. The largest part of the initial reception measures for people on the run has been implemented by municipalities. However, local governments also play a key role in supporting their further integration – they are closest to their citizens and have different roles and responsibilities related to the integration of children and their families from Ukraine.

CVEK’s role in this project is to develop, in cooperation with selected municipalities in different regions of Slovakia, comprehensive medium to long-term and sustainable strategies for the inclusion of Ukrainian children and their families, other foreigners and/or vulnerable population groups at the local level.

The project consists of two phases: 1) a research phase aimed at mapping the situation and analysing the needs in each participating city, and 2) a participatory phase for the creation of strategies for the integration of children and their families from Ukraine, foreigners and/or other vulnerable groups in each city.

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