The project explores integration of foreigners in Slovakia, availability of integration services and perception of integration by foreigners themselves and by the majority population. 

The research rolls out in three phases:

1) identification of integration tools on various levels of public administration – using both quantitative and qualitative methods (questionnaire distributed to district capitals and individual in-depth interviews with stakeholders on the local level) we explore availability and accessibility of integration services on municipal level;

2) foreigners´ perception of integration services, their availability and accessibility – using both quantitative (representative survey) and qualitative methods (individual in-depth interviews);

3) attitudes of the majority population towards foreigners, potential support for different migration and integration policies – using both quantitative (representative questionnaire survey) and qualitative (focus groups) methods

All three phases will result in a comprehensive publication and will serve as a point of departure for advocacy activities targeting stakeholders at all levels of public administration.

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