The two-year international project Social Inclusion of Learners (SoIL) project focuses on promoting inclusive education across several EU countries. The aim of the project is to share proven methods of inclusive education and individualized teaching. CVEK is it the project´s partner in Slovakia and organizes events to share know-how from abroad to teachers and educational stakeholders in Slovakia. In October 2017, the SoIL conference in Bratislava took place. In February, 22nd-24th, 2018, a multidisciplinary seminar for teachers will take place. Other project activities are planned for 2018. 

The project is coordinated by the Austrian organization atempo. Other partners include Schule im Aufbruch from Germany, RIX Reasearch and Media University East London from the UK, Gemeente Maastricht – Maastricht from the Netherlands and Casa Corpului Didactic – a teaching center at the Romanian Ministry of Education

Current project information is also available at: https://

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