21. 12. 2015

Equal Opportunities: Support of Education of Romani Youth at Secondary Level through Affirmative Action


The study focuses on, so far, largely marginal topic of Roma education at university level. Available data suggest not only enormous ethnically determined inequalities, but also tendencies of Romani youth to disproportionally opt for social work studies. This is probably caused by societal stereotypical expectation about desirable study and work traits of Roma.

Drawing of experience of the US, the author argues that changes in societal stratification and access to prestigious jobs and positions require ensuring equal access to quality university education in lucrative areas.  A significant portion of the study thus focuses on both positive and negative experience with affirmative action programs in the US over the last four decades that are relevant also for the context of Roma in Slovakia.

The final section of the study discusses the first affirmative action pilot program called You also have a chance! Implemented by CVEK in partnership with the University of Economics in 2014/2015.

21. 12. 2015

Equal Opportunities I: Support of Education of Romani Youth at Secondary Level through Affirmative Action


The study focuses on secondary education of Romani youth that has, so far, received little attention. Drawing on available data, mapping of CVEK in Trnava Self-Governing as well all current policy approaches, the author argues that mere prohibition of discrimination is insufficient to remedy vast inequalities in area of education between Romani and non-Romani population.

While accepting that intervention at pre-school and primary school level is most effective, the author furthermore argues that in particularly transition to secondary school should be also at the centre of policy makers. Deriving from the principle of respect of human dignity and equality, the study advocates that dominant policy approach should rely on affirmative action measures to ensure equal access of Romani youth to existing educational structures.

The final section of the study discusses a pilot model of such affirmative action measures focused on socially disadvantaged youth in the town of Skalica implemented in school year 2014/2015.

14. 12. 2015

Ensuring Equal Opportunities: Handbook on Study Selection and Career Counselling for Socially Disadvantaged Youth


This practical handbook is designed to help teachers and other professionals working with socially disadvantaged youth in career counselling.  The handbook includes numerous exercises and methods of working with children and youth from marginalized environment to ensure that they have access to quality education in particularly during transition to higher secondary education.

We have prepared the handbook in our project introducing affirmative action program in partnership with the Trnava Higher Regional Unit.

30. 06. 2015

State children in the same boat? Roma children in institutional care


Publication analyzes the situation of Roma children in foster care with the emphasis on ethnicity, discrimination and violations of children´s rights. It is focused on the process of removing children from their families, their placement in different types of institutional care and treatment of Roma children as a specific group of children in foster care. Findings are based on qualitative research in 10 localities with children homes in Slovakia. Interviews and focus groups with different actors were conducted in 2015. Analysis focuses on reasons for removing children from their families, attitudes towards Roma children in foster care, identity of Roma children, care they receive in foster care and possibilities of their return to their homes.


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